5 Avenues To Explore To Rethink Your Digital Transformation

4 in 10 decision-makers are not satisfied with their company’s current reaction to digital trends.

A successful digital transformation allows you to stay ahead of the competition. You have the means to develop and adapt to changing conditions. If it deviates from its course, it’s important to take a step back and consider why.

Invest in people

Even while automating some processes, you will still need staff to run your business . While rethinking your digital transformation, check the working conditions of the people in charge of your technological processes. Do you prioritize their needs?

To answer this question, talk to all of your employees. What are the processes you are trying to streamline and how are you going to go about it? Do your employees have ideas to improve their work?

The other key to this process is investing in training. Even if some employees are reluctant to change, motivate them to look beyond their usual tasks. They will understand that they can gain skills and diversify their daily work. New challenges are motivating, right?

Rethink the added value of your digital transformation

Digital initiatives should only get the green light if they improve the customer experience or add business value.

Don’t just add digital channels without thinking about how to differentiate or add customer experience to the offering.

For example, just because TikTok is trendy doesn’t mean that this social network is right for your business!

Segment your digital approach

Many companies make assumptions about their customers’ communication preferences. They generally assume that only young markets prefer digital. This hinders the effectiveness of their digital transformation .

The young people of yesterday are the adults of today. Those over 30 grew up with the Internet. People between 40 and 50 have grasped this technological universe and more and more seniors are interested in “new” means of communication .

Its evolutions are due to the accessibility of mobile devices, the success of connected speakers and the advent of 4G, which is now giving way to 5G.

However, needs and expectations are not the same depending on age and use. You must segment and adapt your digital approach to each group.

Get out of “progressive transformation”

When you started your digital transformation, you implemented a phased approach. It’s normal. It’s hard to change business habits all at once.

However, incremental changes lead to lower than expected returns on investment. It’s time to stop the old models for good and embrace the tools that the digital industry has to offer.

Be patient with the return on investment

A true digital transformation takes time to produce results. The immediate returns on your investment might not be obvious, especially if you’ve taken a phased approach.

What is crucial is to stay focused on how the changes in your processes affect you in the long run, and to keep in mind that you are building the future. However, this patience does not prevent the regular analysis of your new flows, campaigns or operations to detect blocking points and take effective action.