Kailash Bikas Bank Limited.

With the corporate slogan of सधैं अघि बढ्दै…”(Always Moving Forward),for over 26 years, Kailash Bikas Bank has kept on meeting the financial needs of our customers with efficient and effective service, value-oriented products, and wide network of conveniently located branches. Our collective efforts and strengths enable us to offer the best financial solutions promptly to a wide range of customers.

We have adopted a stakeholder-centric sustainability framework, which serves as road-map for us to address material sustainability topics while continuing to deliver robust growth. We are making banking simple by developing customized solutions for different customer segments, investing in dependable technology for multi-channel delivery and re-engineering processes to make customer transactions and interactions with us easy and secure across channels. Kailash Bikas Bank is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance which embraces the principles of accountability, responsibility, equitable treatment, transparency, vision to create long-term value and ethics.

We are proud of our staff strength consisting of over 715 dedicated and skilled professionals with more than 97 branches all across the country. Employees are given full opportunity for their career development as the bank invests huge amount in the human capital development through the training at both national and international level each year. So many changes continue to take place in the banking world today, and Kailash Bikas Bank is determined to staying on top of the technology curve to provide our customers with state-of-the-art products and services.

Kailash Bikas Bank is committed to providing the best financial solutions, providing innovative financial services and proactively and effectively supporting the customers in the pursuit of their dreams.

Mr. Amrit Charan Shrestha

Chief Executive Officer