Faqs (Frequently asked questions)

Kailash VISA Debit Card is a plastic Card that can be used in Automated Teller Machine (ATM) and Point Of Sales (POS) terminals accepting VISA Cards. The Card is operative by PIN number also known as numeric password.

Kailash Bikash Bank is providing Self Service Banking (SSB) to its esteem customers through Kailash Visa Card. It provides the following facilities:-

  • Easy Payment
  • Convenient
  • Emergency Use
  • Easy for travellers
  • Moving together with technology
  • Competitive issuance fee and cash withdrawal charges

You can use your card upto 10 times not exceeding the total limit of NRs. 100,000/- in a day. You can withdraw minimum NRs. 500/- and maximum of NRs. 25000.00/- in one transaction.

We issue card for all individuals in his/ her name meeting following criteria: Person(s) having single/ savings account with any branch of the bank excluding minors, joint and current account holders.

To receive the Kailash Bikas Bank VISA debit card you have to fill up and submit ATM request application form and submit to the customer service department of the bank where account has been maintained.  You can then collect it from any branch of the bank.

VISA debit card provides you the facilities of cash withdrawal and balance inquiry. You do not need to carry money for shopping. You can purchase goods and services from all merchant locations accepting VISA logo cards. Several other benefits (SUNDAY-FUNDAY/WOW-WEDNESDAY) have also been attatched with debit cards.

No, minor cannot apply for the card.

The initial issuance fee of NRS. 350 is charged for VISA debit card. Further complete charges and fees can be obtained from Debit Card section of our website.

No any charges are applied for the balance enquiry at Kailash Bikas Bank ATM machine whereas at other VISA member bank ATM’s, NRs. 20 will be charged.

You can use the Kailash VISA debit in all VISA ATM counters.

Kailash VISA debit card can be used in Nepal, India and Bhutan.

  • The current features of ATM are as follows:
  • Maximum withdrawal per day: NPR 100,000.
  • Maximum withdrawal frequency per day 10 times.
  • Maximum withdrawal per transaction: NPR 25,000.
  • Minimum withdrawal per transaction: NPR 500.

All POS transactions are free of charge

Cards can be used in all merchant establishments accepting VISA debit cards.

Maximum purchase per day NPR 300,000/-

You will receive the card and PIN together. You can collect your card after 10 working days from the date of application.

After you acknowledge receipt of the card your card would be activated by the bank staff. After activation, the card is ready for use at all ATM and POS terminals accepting VISA debit cards.

The transaction from the card is secured as it is authorized only by inserting the right card and by entering the right PIN number. In case of errors in transaction the card holder can check the same in his account statement and notify the same to bank. It is not always safe to keep card and PIN number together. It is also advised to change the PIN number after the receipt of the card.

You can collect your statement of account from the bank that includes among other transactions all debits made through the card.

You are advised not to hand card to others and disclose your PIN number. The bank shall not be responsible for the use of cards by other un-authorized persons and any loss or damage arising out of such transactions to you.

You can report the problem to bank and you will be issued a new card at a cost of NPR 200/-.

You will have to apply for the new Card and PIN code and you will be provided with a new PIN at a cost of NPR 100/- and card with a new card at a cost of NPR 250/-

You should submit application with all the details including amount you entered and the place of ATM where you have used the Card. The bank will verify the transaction and refund the amount after completing all the follow ups.

For all VISA members bank, charge of NRs. 30 will be applicable for each transaction. However Kailash Bikas Bank depositors shall not be levied any charge for using Kailash ATM.

Presently we have total 31 ATMs. For more information on it, visit network section in the website.

The card is valid for 2 years after which a new card will be issued.

You can enquire the balance available in your account at any of Kailash Bikas Bank ATM’s as well as VISA member bank’s ATM.

It as easy as paying by cash. When a purchase is completed please submit Kailash VISA Debit Card to the merchant for the payment. The merchant processes the transaction through an electronic data capture device called POS which will take about few seconds to complete the transaction. The merchant, upon getting the approval through the POS will ask you to sign on the sale slip printed by POS. Please check the details of the purchase before affixing your signature on the sale slip. Please collect the copy of the slip and the bill for your reference. Your card account gets debited instantly by the transaction amount which can be seen in your statement.

No, you do not have to pay for using the card.

Yes, you can voluntarily close the Kailash VISA Card within its validity period or upon expiry without any charge.

Visa Debit Card issued from Nepal is accepted in Nepal, India and Bhutan where as SCT Debit Card can only be used in Nepal.

You can withdraw a minimum of NRs.500 at a time in a multiple of 500 and 1000.

Debit Card allows you to spend only what is in your bank account. It is a quick transaction between the merchant and your personal bank account. Every time you use a credit card, you are actually borrowing money that is made available to you by a bank or other financial institution.

Follow the basic security measures given below for the secure card transaction.

  • Do not give the card or reveal the card number and PIN number to anyone under any circumstances.
  • Do not use the card for mail/telephone order and internet transaction. It can be hacked.
  • Inform the card issuing bank immediately incase the card is lost/stolen.
  • Keep the charge slips till final settlement is made.
  • Please maintain the record of the card number and telephone number of the bank separately.

Yes, the card comes with a printed name along with the card identification number and expiry date.