Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd. has launched SMS Banking Service for our valuable Customers. “With this service, our customers will be facilitate with another way of banking services that is simple, straightforward and puts their Account information and other value able at their fingertips whenever they need it.” To use the service, customers with mobile phone numbers need to register with their account holding Branch .Registered Customers will get in touch to their accounts with latest information by sending SMS to 37080 .

“Kailash Mobile/SMS banking” services which allow customers to access their account through mobile phones at a true “anywhere, anytime, anyhow” convenience.

Fixed Deposit Interest Rates


  1. Checking your Account Information
  2. Checking Last 5 Transactions
  3. Transaction Alert
  4. Requesting cheque Books
  5. Statement Request
  6. Foreign Exchange
  7. Banking Hour


  1. pin Space BE and send to 37080 Eg: 9574 BE
    If customer has multiple account then format will be
    (pin) BE 2 and send to 37080
    (pin) BE 3 and send to 37080
  2. Last Five Transactions
    (pin) TH and send to 37080
    TH 3 and send to 37080
  3. Change PIN
    (oldpin) PC (newpin) and send to 37080
  4. Cheque Book Request
    (pin) CR and send to 37080
  5. Statement request
    (pin) SR and send to 37080
  6. Help
    help and send to 37080
  7. Foreign Exchange
    FOREX and send to 37080
  8. Banking Hour
    BH and send to 37080